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anklet pretty blue friendship bracelet

Guess Who? ;)
blue and white one. :)
blueish ones
These are two of my favorites.
This pretty thing goes really great with jeans. :) 
friendship bracelets!
all of the suede bracelets I’ve made so far! 

You could win something like this! If you follow my art site
I’m trying to reach 100 followers by September 1st!

Sneak peek of some more intimate photos (with hipster fabulous filters, of course) of my bracelets. :) 
susanna kirk. bicycle mania. 2009. woodblock. SOLD
susanna kirk. 365 self portrait project. 2010. photography.

More bracelets for your viewing pleasure!

Friendship Bracelet Promotion!

I’ve realized that maybe 100 followers in a week was bit unrealistic. So I’ve lowered my goal to a mere 50 followers! I’m going to change the amount of bracelets to two, as well. I hope that doesn’t dissuade you. 

Anyway, remember to follow and share this with anyone you think would enjoy seeing  friendship bracelets, drawings of bicycles, paintings of cute stuff, and other artsy stuff on their dashboard. Doing so will enter you to win two handmade bracelets for you or a lady friend. 

Thank you for following me, sincerely!


susanna kirk. reflection self portraits. 2012. photography.

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